Wet Basement and Yard Waterproofing:

Emergency Solutions in southern Ontario

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We want to know what you're experiencing.
Sometimes hidden problems are discovered during a preliminary estimation, so we conduct thorough site reviews.

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We strive to have the highest customer support in Southern Ontario.

Basement waterproofing - Interior

Interior french drains, patches, custom drainage, interior and exterior.

Foundation wall wraps - Exterior

Dimpled and rubberized waterproofing membranes, window wells and foundation drainage systems.

Concrete crack repairs

Multiple services available for interior and exterior cracks, on poured and block foundation walls.

Lawn drainage

Intelligent drain solutions, including as little as 0.3% grade for shoreline properties with permanently flooding basements.


We work with customers to find an effective solution, that will last but not break the bank.


Great Pricing, On-Budget

There are many variables in planning a project. We will work with you
to design an effective solution.

  • Crack Repairs
    and Custom Projects, starting from
  • $200
  • based on complexity
  • Rapid response
  • Foundation Wraps
    on Interior or Exterior, from
  • $2500
  • subject to site visit
  • Rapid Response
  • Yard Drainage Systems
    starting from
  • $3000
  • subject to site visit
  • Rapid Response

Our Service Areas

We serve several regions in southern Ontario.
Counties of Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Durham and west, Northumberland, Hastings and east toward Kingston.

Peterborough County

Peterborough, Lakefield, Norwood, and surrounding regions

Durham County

Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newcastle, and surrounding regions

Northumberland County

Cobourg and Port Hope, Grafton, Brighton, Campbellford

Hastings County

Belleville, Quinte West, and surrounding regions

Prince Edward County

Picton, and surrounding region.


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Waterproofing is often an emergency need.

We will arrange a site visit as soon as possible.